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UK artist Matt Henry presents Misadventure — a photobook of twin stories drawing on the rich history of rebellion in late 1960s England and America.  

Twin Palms tells the story of a fictional neighbourhood beset by the 'mass hysteria' of its young female inhabitants. A satirical story, Twin Palms draws on the work of feminist writer Betty Friedan and her book The Feminist Mystique (1963), which declared that the suburbs were 'burying women alive'. It features a cast of 11 actors and locations in Palm Springs, California, as well as set builds in Brighton, England.

Season of the Witch  is inspired by the antiwar activism of Vietnamese and American women, their collaboration during the Vietnam War, and the fusion of politics and music it had as its backdrop. It tells the story of a coven of witches and a psychedelic rock band who team up to hex the Pentagon in revenge for the death of a Vietnamese sex worker. Set across Los Angeles, Vietnam, and England, the tale features a cast of 13.

Misadventure is Matt Henry's third photobook. Henry has made a career telling long-form fictional stories using staged photographs, drawing on the politics and culture of the 1960s. 

Henry’s narratives are storyboarded and staged, typically using an improvising cast of actors. His production process includes casting, location scouting, props, costume, hair and makeup, as well as lighting and set design. Henry grew up in the hills of North Wales and is now based in Brighton, England. He studied BA Politics (Univ. of Nottingham) and MA Photography (Univ. of Brighton). He is internationally exhibited, is featured in over 80 publications, and has work in museum and private collections.

Published by Sturm & Drang
Matte hardcover
280mm x 225mm
120 pages
50 colour illustrations
Two newspaper inserts
First edition of 1000