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Limited edition of 100 - music cassette only - with early songs, never released on other media.

When his school mates looked like the „Stranger Things“ character Billy, Iron Maiden and Chicago were in the charts, Ralf L. Aerne began to express himself with oh so cold electronic instruments. He wanted to set himself apart from the mainstream not only with his dark clothing style but also with his music. Looking back, the music seems fairly normal - but in the context mentioned at the beginning it was pretty unique!

This tape is a collection of demos compiled from ca. 1982-1992, divided in Side A „early 80‘s“ and Side B „late 80‘s“. Some of the tracks were recorded before Reto Caduff joined in 1985 under names like „The House“ and „Science Fatigué“.


- Je Me Suis Installé (Embryo-Version)

- Tell Me

- Bagatells

- Pour Toi

- Der Lift

- The Balance (Embryo-Version)

- Remember


- Bitch 

- The Knocking In My Head 

- We Run  

- Just Words 

- Audrey

- Heartbeat 

- The Balance (BDB Demo)