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In the aftermath of the Corona pandemic, people are increasingly staying at home and using the time to reflect.

For once, René Groebli was not thinking about the future, but looking back and wondering what might be remembered from what he has accomplished and created as a photographer in the past.

So in his latest book, the 224 pages heavy A PPERSONAL SELECTION the artist makes a personal, retrospective selection of 235 photos, some already icons, others that convince or touch him. They are not sorted or grouped according to the familiar themes, but in freely associated order, " that the photographs juxtaposed in each case enter into a dialogue. This results in partly exciting, partly humorous or graphically interesting symbioses. My abilities as a photographer and as an artist, the significance of my work and my oeuvre have been portrayed by appointed third parties and placed in my epoch, better than I could ever do it."

The critic Daniele Muscionico wrote: "His pictures were not only on the trail of time, but they laid this trail themselves. Only the greatest visionaries in America and Germany understood these new signs, and they formulated an alphabet for the future of the medium with Groebli's artistic statements.

In the poignant epilogue writer Katrin Matschenz states "Every photographic event holds secrets and draws us magically inside. Curiosity is aroused and we are suddenly mentally awake. In attentive observation, we are instantly touched, taken in, completely immersed in the moment."


René Groebli

A Personal Selection - 235 photos from 1945 - 2002

Hardcover book, 30cm x 21cm

signed by the artist


A Personal Selection A Personal Selection A Personal Selection A Personal Selection A Personal Selection A Personal Selection A Personal Selection A Personal Selection